What Are the Basics of Knee Surgery?

If you are looking for a Knee Surgeon in Melbourne then there are plenty of options to choose from. The first thing that should be noted about the hospital where you are going to undergo the surgical procedure is that it is one of the best in the country. This is due to the fact that it caters to all kinds of patients including those with reconstructive knee surgery as well as those who have suffered partial knee injuries. It is also one of the oldest and busiest hospitals in the city, which explains its success in dealing with different kinds of cases. The hospital boasts of a variety of facilities including the Knee Centre which serves as the central information point for all kinds of patients who are seeking help with their knee problems. This is why it should be noted that only the best medical institutions can ensure your safety.

There are two main kinds of surgeries that are performed at the Knee Centre in Melbourne – the major one is the ACL/MCL repair surgery and the minor one is the meniscus repair surgery. ACL or anterior cruciate ligament injuries usually occur during youth football and are therefore easily preventable. The ACL starts getting damaged around the age of 15 years and although it is not easy to avoid, it is always advisable to get this surgery done when one feels that it is necessary. ACL/MCL repairs will strengthen the cartilage and keep it in good condition.

The Meniscus is another important joint in the body that suffers from tear and wear. For this reason, there are many people who opt for knee reconstruction surgery in Melbourne. The meniscus repair surgery helps in strengthening the bones and cartilage and taking care of any deformity that may be there in the area. This form of knee surgery has been around since the 1970s and there have been many people who have benefited from it. The process of reconstruction involves inserting new bones into the damaged space and the result is a totally new structure that looks almost like the original structure of the meniscus.

Artificial joints can also be used as knee caps in Melbourne and this is something that many people in Australia do. In fact, around 30% of the population in Australia is opting for artificial joint replacements. The main type of artificial joint used is the endostatic splint. Endostatic splints are fitted just below the knee cap and help in maintaining the alignment of the bone and the cartilage. The surgeon will create a new artificial joint for the replacement. The surgeon in Melbourne will be able to inform you about the benefits and risks of this form of surgery.

Knee arthroscopy is another surgical procedure that is performed by the surgeons in Melbourne. The surgery is also known as the knee scope and it is a procedure where a small camera is used to see the back of the knee. The surgeon in Melbourne can perform the surgery and recover the patient in the most effective way. During the recovery time, you will be provided with special medication and pain medications and you should follow all these medications in order to recover effectively.

You need to be very careful when you are searching for a doctor who can perform the operations that you need in order to regain your healthy knees. You should visit the website of the Knee Specialist Center in Melbourne and look for more information on how to get the best medical care. You will be provided with all the relevant information and details regarding the procedures that are performed by the surgeons in the center. It is important that you find the most reliable doctor who can treat your knee problems with ease and at a reasonable cost.

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